"Every day that you don't read your Bible is a day that you're trying to live life in your own strength, and it's too hard for you.  The Bible is God talking to you!  Soak yourself in it." — Karen Jensen

Karen’s message can encourage you and inspire your faith in God.

Through many challenges in her own life, she has learned that the faithfulness and love of God can always be depended on, and her heart’s desire is to pass that knowledge along to others, helping them to learn and grow in their walk with God. Her life is dedicated to inspiring people to believe for victory in every area of their lives.

Karen has been in the ministry for more than 25 years.

She and her husband, Brent, traveled full time as itinerant ministers, and also pioneered two churches in the Northwest. In 1997, upon Brent’s unexpected death, she became Senior Pastor of their church in Boise, Idaho. She raised their sons, Josh and Ryan, through their teenage years into young adults on fire for God. Karen is an instructor at Rhema Bible Training College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. In March of 2014, she married Minneapolis businessman Bob Salisbury.

Karen wants to share what she has learned about the faithfulness of God through good times and bad. Her humor, her never-give-up attitude, her love for God and her strong stand on His Word lifts people up and inspires them to believe for victory in every area of their lives.

Karen Jensen Salisbury – Author, Speaker


20 books as a ghostwriter and editor for authors such as Kenneth E. Hagin, Kenneth W. Hagin, Richard Roberts, Lindsay Roberts, and Kate McVeigh. Titles include The Believers Authority, I Believe in Visions, Unforgiveness, Showdown With the Devil, He’s a Healing Jesus, He Was Dying To Meet You, The Blessing of Favor, and 7 Habits of Uncommon Achievers.

28 years in full time ministry. Karen has served in such capacities as pastor’s wife, children’s ministry, women’s ministry, music ministry, itinerate minister, ministry writer, counselor, senior pastor, and Bible school teacher.

350 times in the pulpit each year. Owing to multiple forums as a Bible School Instructor and part-time itinerant minister, Karen spends most of her time ministering, both overseas and in the U.S. Well versed in a wide variety of subjects, she often ministers on parenting, God’s love, forgiveness, and overcoming discouragement.

1200 articles researched, written and published as a writer for leading ministry magazines Miracles Now, Daily Blessing, Word of Faith and Connections. The combined circulation of these magazines adds up to well over half a million subscribers who have read Karen’s work.

6000 followers online read Karen’s monthly e-newsletter, parenting blog, twitter, and Facebook. Her daily tweets average dozens of comments and hundreds of likes, while her Parenting with Faith blog routinely receives more than 500 hits per entry.

7000 students from around the world have sat under Karen’s teaching at Rhema Bible Training College. Her classes, which include Blood Covenant, Old Testament Survey, and Intro to Pastoral Care, average in size from 250-400 pupils, each one armed with the potential to reach thousands more people after they graduate.

15,000 hours of counseling. In her various roles as pastor and teacher, Karen has helped guide thousands of people one-on-one through difficult times in their lives, using the counsel of God’s Word.

500,000 miles traveled, both domestically and abroad. Karen has brought faith and encouragement to thousands and thousands of people in the U.S. and countries such as Germany, Ukraine, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, and Tanzania.

Millions of readers, listeners, and viewers reached by Karen’s words through her secular work as a reporter for a daily newspaper, a writer of radio spots, and a television news writer in a major market. In today’s media-dominated world, she knows how to capture an audience and hold their attention with dynamic, interesting content.

Countless lives touched by Karen’s dynamic gift of writing and speaking for almost a half century. She is able to effortlessly communicate to multi-generational audiences, diverse ethnic groups, and cross-denominational congregations, engaging everyone from unbelievers and new converts to mature believers and theologians, and those in between.


Ministry Experience

  • Full-time ministry for 25+ years.
  • Licensed and ordained with RHEMA Ministerial Association International.
  • Pioneered two churches in Oregon and Idaho.
  • Served as Children’s Pastor, church administrator, head of Women’s Ministry, and pastor’s wife, then senior pastor.
  • Instructor at RHEMA Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.
  • Travels as an itinerant minister.
  • Conducts parenting seminars.



Education & Training

  • B.A. in Speech Communications from Oregon State University.
  • Completed Masters classes in the Master’s of Management program at Oral Roberts University.
  • Television news writer in Portland, Oregon.
  • Editor and writer for Kenneth Hagin Ministries and Oral Roberts Ministries.
  • Freelance writer and editor.


What To Expect

Because of her years of experience, Karen is well versed in a wide variety of subjects and can customize her areas of expertise to fit your needs.

Some of Karen’s most requested topics include:

  • God’s Love
  • Perseverance
  • Christian Parenting (link to series)
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Overcoming Discouragement
  • Helps, Children’s, or Women’s ministry

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