"If you’re always tired, always under-rested, you’re not going to be capable of doing everything you need to get done.  You’re going to make mistakes more readily, lose your temper, or miss opportunities. " — Karen Jensen

Make your choices with faith and confidence
We all have to make decisions, big and small, every day.  Sometimes those decisions are life-changing, and we can get paralyzed trying to make them. We wonder “What does God want me to do? How can I know?” This book reveals biblical and practical keys that can help readers get direction, find their purpose, follow God's will, and get it right every time. With biblical wisdom and examples of everyday people, this book will help you learn practical ways to apply God’s principles for making decisions.



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Trim Size:
6" x 9" Paperback
Page Count: 224 pages


Trim Size:
6" x 9" Paperback
Page Count: 224 pages



Book Reviews

“Karen has done it again! This is a great book that I am pleased to recommend. It is absolutely packed with wisdom from cover to cover. Before you make your next big decision, read this book!”
-Beth Jones - Pastor & Author of Getting a Grip on the Basics Series

“Karen’s 10 keys for finding God’s direction are masterpieces that will help you in your personal walk with the Lord. Read it, engage, and enjoy the life God wants you to have!”
-Jason Crabb – Grammy award-winning singer & songwriter

“I know Karen, and I can personally recommend this book to you for its practical application in your life.”
-Billye Brim - Author & Speaker, Founder of Billye Brim Ministries

“Karen is a solid minister and an excellent writer, and readers will find solid principles of wisdom, guidance, and direction in these pages. Your life will be enriched as you learn to understand and follow the will of God for your life.”
-Tony Cooke - Author & Bible Teacher, Tony Cooke Ministries

“Karen is a gifted writer who has plenty of good things to say. In this book she gives you the tools you need to make the right decision every time. I think every Christian should read it!”
-Rachel Burchfield - President of Texas Bible Institute

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