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Webster’s dictionary defines a dream as “an idea or vision that is created in your imagination” or “something that you have wanted very much to do, be, or have for a long time.”

I want to challenge you as this New Year begins. I believe it’s time for you to dream!  Maybe press on with a dream you have, pick up an old dream, or dream a new one.

Know this: the dream in your heart is in there on purpose.  It’s part of God’s plan and purpose for you in the earth. And it’s totally possible. It’s not too lofty or far out. Luke 1:37 says, “With God nothing shall be impossible” and Mark 9:23 says, “If you can believe, all things are possible to them who believe.”


BLOG: God is Good and the Devil is bad

lighthouseWhen something horrible happens to you, it’s easy to become confused, especially when you start wondering who or what caused it.

Too many times people (even Christians!) think that God was the cause, or at the very least, He stood by and allowed it to occur.

There is something I have to get straight right now: God is good, and the devil is bad. And that never changes. If you remember nothing else from this blog post, please remember that!

God didn’t cause the trouble or trauma. He didn’t steal from you, nor did He kill anybody…


What's New With Karen & Bob...

Oregon beachDECEMBER 2014 - After a quiet Christmas at home in Minneapolis, we went to Oregon to celebrate the New Year with my family. I preached at a church in Hillsboro and one in Seaside, and we spent New Year's Day on the beautiful Oregon Coast, where it was unseasonably sunny and warm!




NDixieOVEMBER 2014 - Our biggest news this month is the surprise early arrival of our granddaughter! Dixie Lynn Marie was born (9 weeks early!) in Tulsa on October 30, weighing 4 lbs, 6 oz. She's still in hospital but is doing very well, as are her parents Ryan & Tara Jensen. We're so excited that she's here!


We've also been eStillwaternjoying the amazing autumn weather here, and recently took a trip to Stillwater (Minnesota's oldest city) to visit the Harvest Festival. Some of these pumpkins weighed more than a ton!




BSU game

OCTOBER 2014 - In early September we took a trip to Oregon and Idaho to visit family & friends, and to minister. We had a great time! We did a lot of visiting and touristing and ended the 8-day journey with a BSU  football game in Boise with Josh & Jacqueline (son and daughter-in-law, pictured here). The weather was perfect, and the Broncos won! It was Bob's first Boise State game, and I think we made him a fan (it was probably the Smurf Turf that did it - lol).


SEPTEMBER 2014 -twins The summer has been beautiful here in Minnesota and we continue to get out and about, adding "firsts' to the lists in my new home state. In August we went to my first Twins game at the beautiful Target Stadium in downtown Minnespolis -- and the Twins won!

As September arrives we are headed for Oregon and Idaho to minister and see family -- more about that next month!





AUGUST Washington D.C.2014 - In July we were blessed to attend the Christian United For Israel (CUFI) Summit in Washington, D.C. Then, since I'd never been to D.C. before, we took a couple extra days to see the sites. What an amazing city -- so much history! Here we are at the Lincoln memorial which looks out to the Washington Monument.

On August first I finished my second book ("How to Make the Right Decision Every Time") and sent it off to my publisher, Charisma House. It's due to be released in January of 2015. We're pretty excited about this one!


Parenting Testimony

Dear Karen,

We just finished your DVD series "Parenting with Purpose" and it has changed our lives!  My husband and I are implementing and learning new things every day! I’m truly enjoying my children for the first time in a really long time -- a lot of the pressure about being a "perfect parent" has been lifted because no such thing exists. I find comfort in knowing that all the answers I need to help me be a better parent are in God’s word! Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us!

L.L. - Wilmington, Ohio


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